NEW by Carey Shawn Anderson

The debut crime thriller from Carey Shawn Anderson.
She was Boreanaz’s best kept secret, Poison Ivory, his beautiful and ruthless assassin. Using sex as another tool in her arsenal, she sets out to seduce the handsome DA, but while her plan is foolproof, human emotions are not. Perhaps hunter and prey share more than they realized. The goal might have been Jason’s downfall, but Poison Ivory may get trapped by her own sinister game of lies.












A great global conspiracy decades in the making finally steps from the shadows and plunges the world into chaos.
The elites have always manipulated global politics, but now a select group will launch their ultimate bid for power, The New World Order. They envision one world bank, only one currency, and one leader to control it all! They promise having one government will end global conflict and bring a peaceful, comfortable life to all humanity. But with this new government comes personal costs, to free will, to self-determination and to liberty and some will find those costs too high to bear.

This New World Order expects people to resist, to fight back… but that’s all part of their plan. They need to create instability and fighting to curb overcrowding and reduce demands on precious resources such as oil, productive farming land and clean water. Using the United Nations as their pawn, soon countries fall like dominoes before the invading UN troops. As the Order takes control of each new square on the map martial law is declared. Weapons in the hands of civilians are gathered from the willing, taken by force from the unwilling. Survivors have micro chips installed in order to ensure safety and compliance with the new rules. Food and fuel supplies are rationed to the complacent few, and withheld from everyone else, all in the name of the ‘national emergency’.

As the US President falls under the Order’s control, the call for resistance spreads across America. A large portion of the US military sides with the other Americans who have refused to give up their freedoms. America is afire with a new revolution—pitting those embracing the corrupt New World Order versus those sworn to fight for the Constitution, and its ideals to their dying breath.