By Tom Ellis

Mystery & Detective / Police Procedural

When the CEO of a local casino is fished out of a lake by former police officer Andy Burns, it sours his otherwise peaceful retirement. Something about the murder weapon, a custom-made knife jutting inches above the late CEO’s silk tie, sticks in Andy’s mind. He’s seen this blade before and Andy is not happy about the implications his admission will mean for an old friend.

Sergeant Jolene Hadfield is assigned the case, and despite rampant racism, sexism and nasty inept department politics that hamper her investigation, she comes to suspect an unlikely motive for revenge may be the reason for the murder. Her boss on the other hand, insists she button the case up, and pin the whole thing on a too convenient suspect—compelling evidence to the contrary or not. For Hadfield solving the crime might become secondary to keeping her job.

Burns and Hadfield are back !
When the horse of rancher Lyon Hamilton arrives at a neighboring ranch riderless, everyone fears the worst. Hamilton practically lives in the saddle, often surveying his family’s huge tracts of land in the San Rafael Valley near Patagonia, Arizona astride his stallion. To unseat such a seasoned rider, something needed to go terribly wrong.

When local law enforcement fail to find Hamilton or a believable reason for his disappearance, Hamilton’s sister hires Jolene Hadfield, a retired police chief, to look into the mystery. Jolene and romantic partner, Andy Burns are soon on their way to the remote Hamilton family ranch, a spread that sits close to the Arizona-Mexico border.

Unknown to Hadfield and Burns, FBI Agent Ron Kroll has also arrived in Arizona. Kroll is going deep undercover to infiltrate a criminal group suspected of smuggling narcotics and human trafficking from Mexico along the same remote section of borderland as the Hamilton’s ranch. The smuggling group is headed by a disgraced ex-agent, so Kroll and the Bureau’s interest in this case is more than professional—it’s about settling the score with one of their own that has gone bad.