New Release: Mafia Messiah (Poison Ivory 3)

Mafia Messiah (Poison Ivory 3)
For the Kindle & Paperback

The long anticipated Book 3 in the Poison Ivory saga

With the Yakuza organization’s threat disrupted, Anye is not off the hook…the Russian cartel, headed by Tsiolkousky, is still stinging and will go to extreme lengths to take her out—no matter the cost.

They arrange, through their Italian connections, a $5 million bounty on her head. Because of the contract and her pregnancy, Anye wisely decides she must find somewhere safe to wait things out…but where?

When things get rough where better to go then with family. From urban New Jersey to Naples Italy, this rollercoaster thriller will keep you turning pages.

The third exciting episode of author Carey Anderson’s female assassin crime thriller series. It takes you inside the hot, violent and gritty world of organized crime as only Anderson can.