New release, ‘Poison Ivory’ is FREE at Amazon

  Download the Kindle version of Poison Ivory, today and tomorrow (Jun. 17th-18th) for FREE.

The new debut novel from Carey Shawn Anderson.
U.S. District Attorney Jason Woods was at the top of his game. With a happy marriage, a new baby on the way and having just successfully prosecuted mob-boss “Blue Eyes” Boreanaz, life couldn’t get any better. But while Jason celebrates, and contemplates his future on a much deserved holiday, mysterious forces are plotting a sweet revenge. In rolling up the majority of Boreanaz’s underworld operations on the Northeast seaboard, Jason has triggered the wrong person’s attention, and she is prepared to take out not only Jason, but everyone he holds dear.

She was Boreanaz’s best kept secret, Poison Ivory, his beautiful and ruthless assassin. Using sex as another tool in her arsenal, she sets out to seduce the handsome DA, but while her plan is foolproof, human emotions are not. Perhaps hunter and prey share more than they realized. The goal might have been Jason’s downfall, but Poison Ivory may get trapped by her own sinister game of lies.

ALSO AVAILABLE in Paperback.